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Language and Memory

Readings: Loftus & Palmer, 1974; Fausey & Boroditsky (2011).

Study Questions

  1. What motivates the study? Why would someone think to do it?
  2. What’s the hypothesis?
  3. How is the hypothesis tested?
  4. Do the results support the hypothesis? In entirety or just somewhat?
  5. What’s the safest conclusion one can draw from the results? What’s a “could be true, but need to do more experiments to know” sort of conclusion one can draw?
  6. Are you convinced by the author’s conclusions? If not, why? What would convince you?

Loftus & Palmer (1974)

Fausey & Boroditsky (2011)

“...are speakers of different languages habitually operating in different linguistic framing conditions as a function of how events are normally described in their linguistic community? Can effects of these differences be seen even in the absence of explicit linguistic framing during the task?”

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