521-Class 13

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Language and Grammatical Quirks[edit]

Readings: Listen to When nouns grew genitals - Lexicon Valley podcast
Srinivasan (2010).

Study Questions[edit]

Lexicon Valley Podcast

  • What is grammatical gender? How is it related to biological gender?
  • What is one possible function of grammatical gender
  • How can grammatical gender influence memory? Perceived similarity?
  • What is the advantage of testing bilinguals (e.g., German-English and Spanish-English speakers). Why might you want to test them in English if what you are interested in is the effect of Spanish or German grammatical gender on people’s concepts?

Srinivasan (2010)

  • What is a classifier? What is different between classifier languages and English in terms of quantifying objects or substance?
  • In this visual search task, how did Mandarin-speaking participants do compared to the other groups? How is their performance interpreted by the author?
  • What does the author mean that using classifiers in this task would put Mandarin participants at a strategic disadvantage?