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Language and Vision (Does language change what we see?)[edit]

Readings: Winawer et al., (2007); Lupyan & Ward (2013) (don't worry about the supplementary materials in the last few pages).

Study Questions[edit]

Winawer et al.

  • What is the difference in how Russian speakers describe blue from English speakers? How do the authors propose that this difference influences cognition in Russian vs. English speakers?
  • Describe the color discrimination task used. Why did the authors set out to keep this task “objective”?
  • Why were interference tasks used?
  • What do these results tell us about how language might influence color perception?

Lupyan & Ward

  • Why does it even make sense to ask if language can affect basic visual processing? (I.e., on what theory of perception does this make sense? On what theory does it not make sense?)
  • What is continuous flash suppression and how does it work?
  • How does language “provide a boost to perception”?
  • What does this article tell us about how non-visual factors (e.g., words) influence visual perception?