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Metaphors and propaganda

Readings: Lakoff & Johnson (1980); Lexicon Valley Podcast. (Transcript is available by following the link.) & Thibodeau and Boroditsky (2011)

Study Questions

Lakoff & Johnson (1980)

Lexicon valley podcast

Thibodeau and Boroditsky (2011)

Take home points

Enormously! Metaphors pervade not just everyday language but science and technology.

Mapping from one domain to another

Many are embodied (e.g. orientation metaphors) others come from more general experiences of the world (experiential gestalts)

To transfer knowledge from a more familiar/concrete domain to a less familiar domain

Orwellian language and political metaphors

We should be cognizant of the framing that politicians and journalists use (e.g. tax relief). These are not mere ways of talking about something. These metaphors are not neutral. They structure our knowledge.

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