Class 1

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  1. What are we gonna be learning?
  2. What is programming, anyway?
  3. Python! The basics.
    1. Printing values
    2. Variable assignment, variable types
  4. Using the interactive mode in canopy, vs run-file mode in the terminal
  5. What is PsychoPy and what's good about it?
  6. PsychoPy Basics
    1. Showing a shape (Exercise 1, part 0)
    2. How to change position, size, orientation
  7. More Python basics: Looping.
    1. For loops, and the range operator.
    2. Make a loop that prints out the numbers 0 through 9
      1. To keep print from automatically adding a newline in interactive mode, add a comma after the print statement. To add a newline, use print '\n'
    3. Make a loop that prints out the numbers 9 through 0
    4. Make a loop that prints out the following sequence:

8. Using conditionals (if-then-else)
9. Keyboard input
10. While loops
11. Basic debugging
1. Matching parentheses, getting value of variables
12. How to look things up.
1. Example: Timers