Class 12

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  • Prior to this class, please look through the | [Linux/MacOS Terminal tips/tutorial
  • And please check if you have imageMagick, type convert | more at your cygwin/terminal prompt. Are you seeing Version: ImageMagick etc. etc.? If so, you're good to go. If not, please install it from here for Mac users, from here for PC users (scroll down to Windows Binary Install and choose the 8-bit version for your operating system - 32 or 64 bit windows.
  1. Automating tedious tasks:
    1. Editing images
      1. ImageMagick basics: converting, resizing, cropping/shaving, adding noise, annotating.
      2. But I want a GUI...
      3. In-class exercise - annotate a bunch of images with text labels with ImageMagick
    2. Renaming files
      1. Regular expressions revisited.
    3. Auto-emailing
      1. Dear [student], your grade on [assignment] is [grade].
    4. Recording sounds
  2. Tweepy demo - Searching and streaming Tweets
    1. Navigating APIs
    2. What's this JSON thing?