Class 7

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  1. Go over Exercise 6
    1. What was easy? What was harder?
  2. Go over the Project 1 base code
  3. Dealing with more (slightly) complex trial structures
    1. In class exercise 1: randomButNot()
      1. Write a function randomButNot() that accepts a list lst and an item from that list item and returns a random item from lst that's not item. Solution
    2. In class exercise 2: checkRepeat()
      1. With a partner, write a function checkRepeat that takes in a list and makes sure it has no repeating sequences longer than 2, e.g., 1,2,2,1,3,2,3,3 is ok, but 1,2,2,2,3,2,3,3 is not. Return True if the list has repeating elements and False otherwise.
      2. Now extend this function to also take in an argument (numRepeats), and return a list that has no repeating sequences longer than numRepeats. Rather than returning True/False, the function should now return a list that satisfies the numRepeats condition. Solution
  4. What makes for good instructions?
  5. Dynamic checks for user compliance.
  6. Practice trials
  7. Break screens and the mod operator
  8. Smooth-running multi-part experiments
  9. Automatically opening up a web-survey
  10. Likert scales
  11. Continuous scales (using a mousewheel)
  12. Overview of exercise 7