Class 9

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  1. Going over exercise 8
    1. Testing your code using
      1. Avoiding common mistakes - bulletproofing your code.
    2. ImageMagick Teaser
    3. Let's collect some data!
    4. Let's analyze it!
  2. Working with strings
    1. Basic manipulation: upper(), lower(), find(), replace, zfill, slices, creative uses of the in operator.
    2. Intro to regular expressions: What is regex and what is it good for?
    3. Pythex - excellent tool for experimenting with regular expressions.
    4. Not just for files: using regex in your text editor
  3. Now that we are getting to be experts, let's look at some standard Python libraries:
    1. CSV - because there's a better way to read in files
    2. difflib - for fuzzy string matching
    3. itertools - especially handy for permutations and combinations
  4. And a fancy library: NLTK.
    1. A demo NLTK program is inside commons\demos\NLTK