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<sidebar>Psych711</sidebar> Each exercise has a file associated with it which you can find in the Psych711-commons\Exercise_# directory (where # is the # of the exercise). You will want to copy that file to your personal Psych711 directory, i.e., from the commons directory:

>> cp Exercise_1/* ../Psych711_Gary_Lupyan/Exercise_1/

Now open up the file in your text editor. You can see the base code you'll be working with at the top. Feel free to copy the code into other files as you work through the assignments. You can have as many intermediate files in the directory as you want (in fact, It'll be often be useful to have separate files for each part of the assignment). However, when you're ready to submit, please copy the code for each part of the assignments into the appropriate function (q1(), q2(), etc.). Then, append '_done' to the end of the file so that we know it's ready to be graded. You should only have 1 file that ends with '_done' in an exercise folder.