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This is a finite-state machine (automaton).

Some examples of legal strings that it can generate:

For the first part of this exercise, please write some pseudocode for generating sequences of events (letters) that obey the grammar of the automaton and for checking whether a particular sequence obeys the grammar or not. Once fully implemented (as we will do in the next class), we will be able to use it for programming a variety of artificial-grammar learning tasks. Here is a sample list of legal sequences.

Here is one example of an artificial grammar learning task.


Participants see letters in boxes around a central point. The letters change colors (from white to yellow) in the order specified by the string generated by the automaton. The participant's task is to click on the letter currently appearing in yellow, as quickly as possible. At the end of the string, (after the letter S in the case of this grammar), the central fixation point should turn yellow. Clicking on it begins the next letter sequence. Learning the grammar shows up as speeding up in processing of legal sequences and slowing down in the processing of illegal ones.