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<sidebar>Main_Page</sidebar> Hey Guys,

The Lupyan Lab now has a new power: the power to give participants questionnaires on their computers rather than on paper! Whoo! Here's a little how to on using this new power:

1. Log in to Google groups using the Lupyan lab account.

2. Go to documents. On the left side of the screen there is a red create button. Click on that and choose "Form".

3. For title, type the name of the questionnaire.

4. In the box under the title, I would say something like "Thank you for your participation," which was always written at the end of the paper questionnaire.

5. Start adding questions. The add item button is on the top left of the screen. The first question should ask the subject number. The second should ask the room.

6. You can personalize the type of question so it matches the style we want the participant to answer in. For most questions, you can just choose "text" for question type. This create a box for an unlimited amount of responses.

However, for other questions, you can be more customized. Choose "scale" for anything that the participant has to rate from 1 - 5 or 1 - 7. Google even allows you to reveal the meaning of the high and low number choice (ie 1 is disagree and 5 is totally agree, for example).

For questions asking the participants to circle one of a limited number of choices, you can choose "choose from a list" for question type. You can add your choice beneath. The finished product is a dropdown menu.

Google has other options as well, should our questionnaires become really fancy.

7. When you are finished, click save. You will see a link to the finished questionnaire. When you go back to the main documents page, you will see a spreadsheet with the same questions as the form. This is where the responses will automatically be entered when the participants complete the form. No work for us :)

8. To load a form that you have made, click on the spreadsheet for the form. Under the "forms" dropdown menu, choose "go to live form." You should be able to pull this up on each subject's computer. They should be able to enter forms at the same time, because each is saved under a timestamp.

9. To edit a survey, click the tab labeled Form in the google spreadsheet view and then “Edit form.” From This new page, you may change the survey.

10. To send the link to this survey to the participant computers, click “Email this form” in the Editing view. Send a copy of the link to the lab gmail account (our your own if you prefer) and open the link on subjects’ computers. In case subjects exit the browser, copy the link into a Sticky Note (on task bar on each subject computer).

11. Remember to transfer the data (i.e. age, room) out of the form spreadsheet and into the original Google doc so we can keep track of the subject codes already in use, etc.