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Everyone with a NetID has a Qualtrics account. You can access Qualtrics through survey.wisc.edu

Different Types of Questions

There are many question types provided in Qualtrics for your survey. Here is a list question types you can choose from:

Static Content

Descriptive text: one or more paragraphs of text that does not require a response from the participants, i.e. your instruction.

Graphic: an image that contains information such as your question, or instruction.

Standard Questions

'Multiple choicehttp://uobabylon.edu.iq/': commonly seen questions with two or more choices for participants to choose from.

Matrix table: a multi-dimension table that allows participants to give responses according to two criteria.

Text entry: a text box for participant to free write.

Slider: sliding bars which allow participant to select/rate on a continuous spectrum.

Rank order: this allow participants to rank the provided options.

Side by side: a multi-dimension table that combines two or more matrix tables described above. Those tables combined should have the same row values, and different column values.

Specialty Questions


You can insert video and audio files to your question for participants to view. In order to do that, you need to edit your question in Rich Content Editor as shown in figure 1. Clicking on the film icon, you will be prompt to select the source of your media file. You may either use an online source by pasting your link in the blank for URL, or use your own file by clicking the “Select File From Library” link below the URL option. If you choose to use your own file, you will then be prompt to select existing files in your library, or upload a new file. You may upload one file at a time. After selecting the file, you have an option to put it under one of the categories you created. When uploading is complete, you will get a preview of your file, and a URL that you may use to access the file from outside of your library. You questions with the video/audio file embedded will look like the one shown in the figure. [Figures coming soon]

Survey Flow

The Survey Flow button is on the top menu bar. It's basically a decision tree. The participant experiences the elements listed on the top first, and move down the list by answering Blocks of questions.

If they come to a Branch, a decision is made about whether or not they embark on that Branch depending on some condition which you must specify. Once they reach the end of a series of branches, they move down to the next thing in the list. It functions in the format-"if(condition==true){do this}"


A Randomizer is similar to a branch, except the direction in which the participant travels is randomly chosen rather than condition dependent. You use it to randomize the order that Blocks are displayed, or to randomize which blocks are displayed.

Embedded Data

(To be continued)


Randomization can only be done within a block. You can randomize both the order of the questions and the order of the answers.

Randomization of Questions

On the right of the Question Block Header, click the drop down menu "Block Options", select "Question Randomization". You either randomize the order of the questions, OR display a random subset of the questions.

WARNING: This will override any conflicting ordering specifications

Randomization of Answers

Select the Question who's answers you want to randomize. On left, a purple drop down menu with a gear on it will appear. Select option "Randomization...". You can randomize the order of the answers, OR display a random subset of the answers. If you want to only randomize the position/display of some questions and not others, use the advanced randomization option.

Advanced Randomization

Use when you want to randomize some elements but not others, or when you want a mixed combination of normal randomization and randomized subsets. Both Question and Answer Randomization have this option.

Use the mouse to select an element, use arrow keys to move elements around.

Elements will be displayed in the order that they appear in the "Fixed Display Order" menu.

Moving an element in the "Randomized Choices" menu will make a {Randomized} tag appear in the Fixed Order Menu. A random element from the Randomized Choices menu will be inserted where the {Randomized} would otherwise appear.

The same applies to Random Subset, with the {Random Subset} tag, only you have to specify how many elements you want to choose. The number of {Random Subset} tags will correspond to the size of the subset.

Shuffle around the Fixed Order menu using the up-down arrows to control when a question appears, when an element of the {Randomized} set appears, or when an element of the {Random Subset} appears.

Advanced Features

Embedding Data

Java Script

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, ignore all below

Quick Survey Builder Tutorial


-Preview Survey is on the top bar, very useful.

-Look and Feel changes how the prev/next buttons look, the progress bar, how many questions per page, etc.

-Survey Options determines if respondents can go forward/back, save&continue, changes language, title, security and access options, etc.

Multiple Choice Blocks


-Create survey, enter name and specify folder from drop list (or type in new folder name). Choose "Quick Survey Builder" option.

-Click (+)create a new item. 3 multiple choices answers appear.

-Click choices to edit text.

-To add additional answer choice choice - press enter key while editing text

-To delete choice, delete all text. Click blue drop down arrow for more options.

-Additional Questions can be added by pressing the green (+) on the right. You have to mouse over the question for it o appear.

Advanced Question Options

-Click a question and then click the purple gears on the left for a drop down menu for a list of options.

--Add Display Logic lets you specify the conditions to which the question is displayed

--Carry Forward Choices: Lets you display answer choices from previous questions depending on how the user answered. Example: Your favorite color is: ()Red, ()Blue, (x)Green. Your second favorite is ()red ()green. Here, Question two carries forward choices which were not selected in Question one.

--Add Skip Logic lets you skip to different parts of the survey depending on how they answer. Useful for skipping to end of survey if user doesn't meet qualifications to answer.

--Add Default Choices lets you choose which answer is pre-selected.

--Recode values (?)

--Randomization lets you randomize the order of the questions, or randomize which questions are displayed

--Add Choice Group (?)