Trouble With Monitors

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If the main console does not "see" a subject computer, follow these steps to reconnect.

1. When you get no signal from a subject computer on the main console, go to the subject computer and right click on the desktop.

2. Select Screen resolution and then click detect. This should automatically connect.

Right-click on desktop.
Resolution window.

All four monitors' resolution setting should be set to 1680x1050. If there are any discrepancies, follow these steps:

1. Unplug the experimenter monitor from the back of the testing computer. Find the one that's coming in the from the wall -- that's the one that goes to the experimenter desk.

2. See if the resolution changes automatically. Settings may immediately update to the correct resolution 1680,1050 after the other monitor was unplugged.

3. Try plugging the experimenter monitor back in, and see if the resolution stays at 1680,1050.

4. If it keeps flipping back to the lower resolution when you plug the experimenter monitor back in, fix it by:

unplugging the experimenter monitor and restarting the testing computer. After a full boot (and the correct resolution should come in), then plug the experimenter monitor back in.

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