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Because complex as these solutions are, they might require simple actions from specific parties, and all those simple actions ultimately come together to accomplish one solution that is complex.

One primary means to fix changing the way in which people see and think of race is through training, starting with the form that is youngest of education to advertise a multicultural and multi-religious accepting society every-where around the globe. This training solution has many part to it:

Legislators must come together to market policies which is geared to teaching young ones about various cultures. It has become done from the statutory law standpoint in order to jump-start thing.

Educators and instructors must receive specific multicultural learning purchase to be able to teach the new proposed curriculum which will concentrate on the past history of racism inside their particular nation and throughout the world, showing the side effects of racism to be able to create a completely and nonnegotiable, negative connotation regarding the word Racism. This also goes for education against Islamophobia too in a more improved way, since it's a much newer phenomena in comparison to old-fashioned racism.
al-Andalusi (this page) is just a research fellow for Yaqeen Institute plus the creator of this Andalusian venture, a separate research platform for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds degrees both in Western and Islamic Philosophy and it is presently pursuing their Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He focuses primarily on subjects associated with the philosophy of science, atheism, terrorism, Islamic political thought and ethics, along with other problems surrounding the global Muslim community.
Another survey that is recent Europe by Bertelsmann Stiftung shows that despite integrating a lot better than frequently thought, Muslims still face dilemmas being accepted by the wider culture. It was seen in another survey that is pan-European in the year by Chatham home which proposed that lots of opposed Islamic immigration rather than immigration by itself.

These findings will no doubt be welcomed by extremist and terror teams whom, it has been argued, wish to experience a divide in European countries between your Muslim and non-Muslim populations. While maybe not a strategic aim of all groups, it will definitely provide fertile ground for recruitment if Muslims perceive themselves as unwelcome or rejected by Western nations.

A case that is particular point, shown with a amount of studies over the years, is people with Islamic-sounding names find it harder getting jobs. When the same CV is presented to companies having an English or Arabic sounding name, the candidate aided by the former is several times almost certainly going to get called in for an interview. Structural bias that is anti-Islamic operates, even yet in those who may not regard by themselves as racist or Islamophobic.

If Muslims find their best efforts at acceptance being forced back, then frustration will be a likely, and normal, outcome. Muslims generally neither realize nor appreciate the militant Salafi-inspired doctrines that seek to justify physical violence and divide communities, but they could appeal to frustrated youths.