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A little more than a 12 months ago we included a “Report This!” article tool function that will permit the general public to report TOS violations and make use of the knowledge for the crowds as well as our software and team that is behind-the-scenes keep the content quality criteria high.

Today, we’ve tweaked it further because some folks thought the Article Tool had been broken you hovered your mouse around it as we had a java hover box that would come up when. We eliminated the javascript hover box so users who don’t have javascript-enabled will have a way to utilize the tool as well.

In addition, the “Report This” function was extended beyond only reporting inappropriate articles, but also for reporting authors and reporting pictures that may be unpleasant to ensure that our team can investigate each instance. It’s interesting to observe that out from the handful that is small of Author” emails we get, about 1 out of ever 4 reports is really a request to attain the writer directly – so we direct them to utilize the EzineArticles Inbox (for member to user communications) to get hold of the author directly.
To understand about view publisher site and use this link, go to our website free paraphrasing tool seo;,.A couple of days ago, you learned about our present crackdown on derivative content. Unfortunately, many writers became worried that this brand new guideline included current articles from their websites and blog sites.

I would ike to be clear: You SHOULD submit current articles and content from your own website or web log.

Here you will find the Tips:

Repackaging Existing Articles On Your Own Web Site Now and Publishing Them To EzineArticles Does NOT Trigger Our Derivative Content Filters

Rehashing One Article into Many variations of this article that is same Creating Derivative Content…Something We and Our Users Don’t Want